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PRF Treatments

It is depressing once you lose the firmness of your skin, and it isn’t easy to restore it. However, now there is Morpheus8 Body, an advancement in the cosmetic enhancement industry.
Morpheus8 Body is a breakthrough for full-body tightening, smoothing, and an overall makeover. Morpheus8 Body will give you youthful-looking skin that is smooth, even in appearance, without cellulite, decrease wrinkles, and help decrease sagging skin due to gravity.

Morpheus8 Body delivers the deepest treatments possible by going up to 8 mm into the subdermal tissue. In addition, the Morpheus8 Body uses microneedling with radiofrequency energy to remodel the fatty layer.

Microneedles penetrate the subdermal layer up to 8 mm, which makes Morpheus8 an effective tool to use anywhere on the Body. A pulse of radiofrequency (RF) energy radiates through the adipose layer and doubles the penetration depth more than any other device on the market. Adipose tissue is smoothed out and reduced, and the micro-injuries caused by the microneedling include collagen producing, tightening the skin, and promoting the body’s healing response.

Treatment areas are smoother, tighter, and younger-looking. Your silhouette is more pleasing.
Morpheus8 Body is versatile due to different microneedle configurations that cover you from head to toe. The Prime 12 pin, the Resurfacing 24 pin, the Morpheus8 24 pin, and the Body 40 pin are all configured to their depth control to deliver proven RF energy at the perfect depth required to correct a variety of cosmetic concerns.

Sculptra is used for:

Tightening the Skin. Collagen production is stimulated in the knees, elbows, and abdomen, as well as the face. This tightening improves the skin’s texture and tone over time. You can see the results about four months after the final treatment.

The face. Sculptra stimulates collagen production in your temples and cheeks to increase volume and tighten skin. You see results in three to four months.

Décolleté. The first area to show aging is the décolleté. Sculptra gives collagen a boost to invigorate your décolleté. Results are visible within three to four months.

Butt Lift. You can get an incredible lift to your buttocks without surgery by using Sculptra. Injecting Sculptra into the buttocks invigorates collagen and produces enough solutions to give you incredible results.

Get rid of Cellulite. Sculptra injections in areas where Cellulite is prevalent help to minimize Cellulite. Collagen is triggered, and this gives your smoother and tighter skin.

Sculptra treatment also promotes collagen persistently over time. The results of Sculptra treatments can be visible for up to three years.


Morpheus8 Body is fractional therapy that is safe for all skin types. There is minimal risk of hyperpigmentation or thermal damage. You are a candidate if you are concerned about your sagging dimpling and wrinkly skin.

Treatments are fast and take between 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of your treatment area. We will give you skin-numbing cream to ensure you are comfortable.

You often notice a radiance to your skin after a microneedling treatment, and you will see continued improvement in your skin tone and texture over the following weeks. Morpheus8 Body uses RF energy in the subdermal layer, and you will continue to see improvements for 3-6 months after the treatment.

Morheus8 Body is effective, and you can achieve remarkable tissue remodeling without surgery, without long recovery, and with minimal pain in as few as three treatments. Transform your skin safely.

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